Search Well

Quick tips: How To Search Well

I’m a long term thinker. In the present I’m sitting in the middle of my last semester of senior year; however my mind is reeealllyy far in the future…like in the middle of July. Partly because senioritis is real, but also because I hope to be starting my career by then. Ambitious I know. So I end up spending hours going through LinkedIn and Indeed. Then if I find something to apply for that’s another chunk of time tailoring my resume and cover letter.

I’ve heard it said that searching for a job is almost like working an actual job. You have to put effort into it and really understand the craft. It’s tiring to say to least. At some point it becomes too consuming and it might be time to take a breather. Here’s 3 tips that I find helpful when I get stuck in a job search spin.

1.Put A Time Limit

Searching for a job has become a lot like social media–you can end up scrolling and scrolling until you look up and 3 hours have passed. Gross. While obviously it’s important to put time and effort into your search give yourself a time limit. Search for an hour, then get up and stretch. If you still feel the need to look some more or just dying to apply to that position that looked perfect go back after you talk your hour (or longer) break. There is a very high chance that it will still be there.

2.Close All The Tabs

Fun fact: On average I have about 10 tabs open at a time. Some of it is for school, two usually for Youtube, email accounts (one school and the other gmail), and then random things like Pinterest and Facebook. I can guarantee that there is usually either a separate window or 4 tabs dedicated to something about jobs. Sometimes it’s just articles and other times it’s LinkedIn. If you’re finding yourself stressed about job searching on top of everything else in life, maybe the first thing to go is the career sites. I’ll admit that I’m a nerd and I enjoy reading countless articles on The Muse; however I know when I’m starting to overwhelm myself. I found myself gazing at Indeed at about 11:30pm the other night and thought: “you’re literally not helping yourself, go to bed”. Close the tabs, make some tea and put on your favorite show or movie for a while– you’ll be in a better frame of mind.


You’ve been staring at LinkedIn for about 2 hours and part of the time was spent scrolling on Facebook on your phone. Maybe it’s time to unplug for a while. Take a walk. Meet a friend for lunch. Just leave technology alone for a while. Recharge yourself so you feel focused when getting back to the grind.


Real talk, these steps don’t come natural to me, but I know that there are so many other things I can do with my day instead of burning myself out looking for a job. I repeat from earlier, searching for a job takes effort; however that effort does not have to leave us tired and overwhelmed. I found that when I search after I have unplugged for a while or saves an application for the next day, I feel much more productive. So, if you feel overwhelmed with your search gives these 3 tips a try and let me know if they work for you! Or, if you have your own methods I would love to know them!


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