Welcome to Live Well

Hey, welcome to the official launch of Live Well I’m glad you’re here! I’m Mikala, a senior in college who’s trying to learn what it’s like to join the workforce while keeping my soul intact. I’m sure you have some questions so let’s get started!

So, what is this blog?

Live Well is a blog where career building and exploration combine with health and wellness. Here I explore how to lead a healthy life while navigating through the minefield that is choosing a career path. I’m going to document what I find helpful and interesting as I set off on my post-graduate journey in May, and I want to foster a community where others feel comfortable to do the same.

Why are you starting this?

Throughout my life I have watched friends and family become burnt out from overworking. I have also fallen into the trap when I started college and I hated how I felt. I felt drained and angry while striving to do my best. As I was processing through this I realized that because I wasn’t taking care of myself I could not adequately give to the other parts of my life. I could not produce the quality work that I wanted; I could not mentor others the way I wanted; and I certainly couldn’t love myself the way I knew I could. I do not want to go into the next phase of my life stressed and not feeling refreshed just because I have a full-time job. While I’m growing into my professional self I want to grow in how I take care of myself so I can give my best to every area of my life.

What can I expect?

You can expect career advice and tips that I have found helpful that I have either personally done or I find on other career websites that I frequent. Also, I’ll be starting up a segment called Wellness Saturday where I explore different ways that help me feel recharged.

I also want to hear from everyone who reads my posts and find the helpful! I want to know how you are navigating the workforce and how you are learning to take care of yourself. Your feedback will help me gear my content to your needs and also give me different avenues to explore!

Lastly, why Live Well?

The phrase “Live Well” came from a place where I felt so tired and run down. I wanted to do so much, but felt like I didn’t have anything left to give. And then something told me to just start living well. To start taking care of myself mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. So it became my mantra. If I wanted to see a change in my life, I need to start making an effort to do so. And that’s how the phrase “Live Well” came to be–learning how to take care myself when thing get crazy and life makes zero sense.



I’m so excited to start this journey! I am in no way saying that I take good care of myself 100% of the time, but I’m willing to put in the effort to get to as close to 100% as possible. I’m hoping you’re willing to as well and that we can get there together!



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